Sunday, October 9, 2011

How to make a Slide Show for on FaceBook.

If you have a bunch of photos, and you don't know what to do with them, but you want to do something different, why not make a slide show for on   FaceBook and impress your family and friends! I know you have photos laying around, either on your cell phone, or digital camera, or in an old album. Using photos that can be downloaded to your computer is the easiest way, but if you have old pics laying around in an album, you'll have to scan them first, to put them on your computer.

   Facebook had an application for making slide shows, but they no longer support it. I have made many slide shows for on FaceBook, my friends loved them, but unfortunately for me, they, (FaceBook) removed one after another, because I had used music in the background, FaceBook called it copyright infringement. Well, now I can show you how to make a slide show for on FaceBook you will be able to add music, and not have them remove your slide show.

   The software/program we will be using to make a slide show is called Windows Movie Maker. It once came with Windows Systems, but now it doesn't. You can download it for free, or you can also use the new Windows Movie Maker Live version. I don't like the live version, and prefer the old. It's much easier to use. From here on WMM stands for Windows Movie Maker!

Making a Slideshow can be both fun and a great hobby, but you need to have photos, and you want the best photos you can get. Now you can get tutorials on how to make your photos, “picture perfect” with Photoshop Tutorials for the price of a camera strap!  See them here!

Do you take a lot of Videos. Want to learn how to edit them? Click here for more info!

How to Make a Slide Show for on FaceBook!
Let’s Get Started!

Step 1: Open up WMM, Once you have done this, Click on File, and you will see a box that contains the words, IMPORT INTO COLLECTIONS! Click this, it will open a drop down box. This will show a list of places on your computer. Wherever you have placed your pictures on your computer, click there, and next, click on the photos you want to import to use for your slide show. I always hold control and click each picture I want to use. Once you have selected your pictures, click Open, and they will appear in WMM. (Don't worry if you forgot one or two, you can always add more pictures later.)           


Step 2:  In Story board view, left click on a pic and drag your pic to the story board,continue this until you have all your pics placed on the story board. Don't worry if they aren't placed just the way you wanted them, you can place them in any order you want, just click and drag into the position that suits  you!

I want to mention something important here, about your slide show, and that is about adding titles, and captions to your slide show. Titles can be added easily, and you have several choices, where to add them. First, you can add a title to your slide show! You can click on a clip, then click the following choices: Before selected clip, On selected clip, After selected clip! You can also add credits to the end of your slide show as well. To add titles, etc. to your slide show, once again, we go to the TOOLS Taband from the drop down box,click, Titles and Credits! It is self explanatory from the choices!

Step 3:  Now that your pics, are all loaded onto the story board, you may want to add some video effects! WMM comes loaded with some great effects, to find these effects go to the TOOLS tab, click it, and in the drop down box, click on Video Effects! There are a great many there to play around with! To add a video effect, left click on the effect you want, and drag it to the little box on the bottom left of your clip,with the star in it, and place it there. This isn't a have to add, but some of the effects, really add to your slide show! So go through all your pics, or just some, it is entirely up to you!

Step 4: Adding transitions between your slides! Transitions are what happens between each slide, very similar to effects. Once again, you click on the TOOLS tab, from the drop down box, click  Video Transitions. There are a wide range of transitions, I suggest experimenting with them to find some that you like. To add a Video transition, you left click the one you want, and drag it to the box with the arrow in it between your pics. It's just that easy.

Well your on your way on how to make a slide show for on FaceBook! So far so good? Of course it is, it's easy, and fun, and well worth the time and effort, when you see the finished product!
Okay, you have your pics where you want, your effects, your transitions, hmmmmmmm! What's missing? You have tried playing your slide show, it looks great, but something is missing. Oh, the music, right now you have a silent movie! Okay, here is where you switch modes, from storyboard, to Timeline!

Step 5:  You now want to add music to a slide show. I always add music to mine, it really adds to the overall presentation of the slide show.
So, once again, go to, IMPORT into Collections, and find a song you have placed on your computer, click it, and add it to your Collections! Once you have it there, left click the song, and drag it to the beginning of the timeline. Actually, you can place it anywhere you want on the timeline, but for ease of explanation, we will put it at the beginning of your slide show! That's it, we have now put together a slide show. 
Before we save the slide show to your computer, because that is what we want to do next, hit play, and give it a try!
What, the music is still playing and you ran out of pics! That's terrible, ....well not really. You want to trim it down to match your pics. 
Once again, go to your timeline, now, click on the end of the song, and drag it to where your pics stop! Now go to CLIP and from the drop down box, click Audio, and then click Fade Out, the music will gradually fade and not stop abruptly.

Okay, so now you know how to make a slide show for on Facebook, but you have to put it all together.To finish the slide show, Go to the File tab, click Save file, you will be prompted to give it a name. Okay, it is saved. Now how do you get your  slide show on FaceBook? 
First, you should  upload your file to YouTube! You will need a Youtube  account for this, but it is free, and doesn't take long to set up, and it's easy! 
Once your account is created on YouTube, upload your slide show, YouTube, will process your video, once it has finished processing, they will send you an email, telling you it's already to go! They may mention the fact that you have music added that you don't own, but they will look after this little detail for you. Now you are ready to show your friends, the slide show you made. You simply hit the Share button on YouTube, and there will be icons there, one of which is a FaceBook icon, click the icon, and PRESTO! there is your slide show on FaceBook, for all your friends and family to see!

The slide show below was one of my firsts, and one that I really am proud of, but I think the reason is the subject matter!

In there infinite wisdom, Windows 7 does not have the version Of WMM that I have used here, so for your convenience, click here, to download it, don't worry, it's easy, and virus free!